Monday, July 23, 2012

Candice Blogs About Candice Foods!

When I was little I was always jealous of my brother because he could always find things with his name on it. During those rare moments when we found something with my name spelled on it, it was never spelled right. (I spell my name with an "i" many people spell it with an "a"). So on those very rare occasions that we found a magnet or a key chain with my name spelled correctly my mom always bought it for me. 

At the expo, as you can tell {from previous posts} I met many new companies. All of which I was very excited to meet. However, there was one company my mom was so excited to visit (as was I), since the company name was Candice Foods. Not only was it a company with my name, but it was spelled the way I spell it. 

Many of us bloggers start blogging because we are personally effected in some way by celiac, gluten sensitivity, other food allergies or intolerances. This holds true for many companies as well. I have always said when it's personal, you will find the most passion. This statement is true when speaking about Candice Foods. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting "the Candice" behind these bars, and enjoyed learning how her product was born. 
Candice and I!
Candice started making gluten, dairy, nut, corn, peanut, and soy free energy bars after her nephew was diagnosed with autism and found out he was intolerant to gluten and casein. In addition, her children have food allergies including a life threatening nut allergy. She wanted to make a product that was not only safe, but healthy for her family to enjoy. 

Candice Foods makes 7 flavors of protein bars. At the expo they were featuring their Blueberry Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, and Chocolate Fudge bars. My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Fudge. It reminded me of the Power Bars I use to eat before a swim meet when I was younger. Each bar contain 12g of protein and 5g of fiber, so they left me feeling full. Because of this I enjoyed half pre and half post workout. 

This is definitely a snack you can feel good about eating during the day. It will leave you feeling full and satisfied. To learn more about Candice Foods visit their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter


  1. Thanks Candice! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your mother! Thank YOU for all you do and for recognizing our company....we truly have a personal passion behind what we do and it was so refreshing to see that you noticed it and appreciated it! Thanks again!!
    Candice Bradstreet
    Candice Foods

  2. Those bars sound so delicious! I looked online... might order some. It's so rare to find healthy, gluten free, dairy free bars!